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What are the top world news events of the year 2003?

The following are the top 10 world news events of the year 2003, selected by Xinhua: 1. US space shuttle Columbia crashes. The US spaceshuttle Columbia disintegrated and crashed in Texas before its intended return to the ground, killing all seven astronauts on board.

What were the biggest box office hits of 2003?

Big-budget sequels lured fans into the megaplexes. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King not only dominated the 2003 box office, but it also led the way in Oscar nominations. The Matrix fans were treated to two sequels: Matrix: Reloaded and Revolutions.

What was the news in 2003 in the entertainment industry?

See 2003 People in the news for biographies of entertainers and newsmakers. Norah Jones dominated the Grammy Awards, picking up five trophies, including those for Best Record ("Don’t Know Why"), Best Album ( Come Away With Me ), and Best New Artist. In its second season, American Idol proved to be as popular as low-carb diets.

What was the average cost of living in 2003?

Cost of Living 2003. How Much things cost in 2003. Average Cost of new house $246,300.00 . Average Median Income $45,016.00. Cost of a gallon of Gas $1.83 . Popular Culture 2003. The ABC's 20/20 airs the controversial Granada Television documentary Living with Michael Jackson . Keiko the Orca made famous by the "Free Willy" movies, dies

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