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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the optimal GDP growth rate?

Key Takeaways The ideal GDP growth rate is between 2% and 3%. The current GDP rate is 6.4% for the first quarter of 2021, which means the economy grew by that much between January and March 2021. The growth signals partial recovery from the downturn seen in Q2 of 2020. The GDP growth rate measures how healthy the economy is. More items...

What is India's GDP growth percentage?

India gdp growth rate for 2019 was 4.18%, a 1.94% decline from 2018. India gdp growth rate for 2018 was 6.12%, a 0.92% decline from 2017. India gdp growth rate for 2017 was 7.04%, a 1.21% decline from 2016.

Why does inflation increase with GDP growth?

Inflation generally increases when the gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate is above 2.5 percent due to several factors, such as demand for goods overstretching supply and higher wages in an ultra-competitive job market, according to Investopedia.

What is the growth rate of Indonesia?

The information collected for the Population Growth Rate of Indonesia has been obtained from the Central Intelligence Agency. In some instances, these figures are estimates. Answer: The population growth rate of Indonesia is 242,968,342. It's ranking among other countries is 4.

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