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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Line 4B on Form W-4?

Line 4b: Deductions. If your employee expects their deductions to exceed the standard deduction (which, for 2020, is $12,400 for single or married filing separately, $24,800 for married filing jointly, or $18,650 for head of household), they would fill out the Deductions Worksheet on page 3 of Form W-4 and enter the result on Line 4b.

What is Form W-4 2020 called now?

Form W-4 used to be titled “Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate.” But in 2020, that title was shortened to “Employee’s Withholding Certificate.” And that title shortening is a result of the other key change to Form W-4.

What is Step 4 (C) on the 2019 Form W-4?

These amounts are determined by completing the deductions worksheet on page three of the form instruction. Step 4 (c) is for extra withholding and allows employees to specify an additional amount of tax per pay period for their employer to withhold. This is similar to line six on the 2019 Form W-4.

What happens after Line 2 of the W-4 Form is completed?

Once an employee has completed Line 2, they can move on to the rest of the worksheet. Just keep in mind that while employees should fill out a W-4 form for each of their jobs, they should only complete steps 3 through 4 (b) for their highest paying job (they can leave those sections blank on their other W-4 forms).

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