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Frequently Asked Questions

How much power does a 2200 engine have?

Jabiru 2200 Specifications Maximum Speed 3300rpm* Power Capacity 80hp (60Kw)* Weight 62.3kg* Fuel Delivery Carburetor Engine Type Direct drive, Flat four boxer 1 more rows ...

Why buy a 2200 cc?

When you set out on your 2200 CC, you’re sure to create lasting memories every trip. Whether you’re exploring pristine islands with the family or chasing trophy fish with friends, the 2200 CC gets you there and back safely – and in style.

What is the horsepower of a 2 000 cc engine?

My father’s current 2010 Toyota Innova has a 2.000 cc engine that generates about 137 hp at low 5.000 rpm-ish. My brother’s 2012 Hyundai ix35 / Tucson has a 2.000 cc engine that can fire up 166 hp somewhere at mid 6.000 rpm. All of those cars have in-line 4 cylinder configuration. You see, it is rather difficult to answer this question.

What is the ratio of cc to hp?

The ratio of cc to hp varies by the or, rpm, tune and if blown, turbocharged or supercharged but is about 1 per hp for a modern, general purpose vehicle engine how many cc in a hp engine cc to horsepower

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