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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Smart-UPS 2200va 120V LCD?

The Smart-UPS 2200VA 120V LCD provides remote management of the UPS over the network. This SMT2200 features an Intuitive LCD interface that provides clear and accurate information in multiple languages.

What is Smart-UPS smt2200c?

Protect your servers, switches, routers and networking devices while providing battery backup power with Smart-UPS SMT2200C with APC SmartConnect, the first cloud-enabled UPS for distributed IT.

What do you do with your old APC Smart-UPS 2200xl?

I replaced my old APC Smart-Ups 2200XL after many years. Using this to provide clean constant voltage to a Parata Max drug dispensing robot in a high volume pharmacy. The buildings electrical wiring infrastructure was a disaster and outdated which caused daily power fluctuations and power outages.

How many outlets does the dlt2200 Smart UPS have?

With a 1,920-watt power capacity, 10 outlets, and one switchable outlet group this Smart-UPS is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. All 10 outlets on the Smart-UPS DLT2200 shield your electronic equipment from brownouts, surges, and spikes in voltage that can permanently damage your plugged in equipment.

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