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Frequently Asked Questions

What does 2e stand for?

The term twice exceptional, often abbreviated as 2e, entered educators' lexicons in the mid-1990s and refers to gifted students who have some form of disability.

What is 2e or twice exceptional?

What is 2e or Twice Exceptional? Generally speaking, twice exceptional, or 2e students, are both intellectually gifted & talented and learning disabled.

What is a 2e child?

2E kids often have what’s known as asynchronous development. That means they’re far ahead intellectually, but far behind socially and emotionally. This gap can cause kids a lot of anxiety and make it hard for them to get along with other kids their age. 2E kids may get easily frustrated with other students who don’t “get it” as quickly as they do.

What is the 2e education approach?

The 2e education approach is backed by 35 years of research and best practices tailored to the unique needs of 2e students. It is a marriage between special education and gifted education—a strengths-based, differentiated approach that provides special educational supports.

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