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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy 380 ammunition?

You can purchase.380 ACP ammunition via most ammo vendors. It isn't always as common as 9mm or.45 ACP, so this can somewhat limit options, although it's still widely available. Buying online is by far the best method for guaranteeing successful purchases and to avoid running into limitations on options.

Is .380ACP the new 9mm?

The new SIG SAUER P365 .380 ACP will feature the same frame and 10+1 capacity as the 9mm model. One of the most innovative firearm designs in recent memory, the SIG SAUER P365 quickly became a popular handgun among gun owners, especially those who carry, after its release in 2018.

Is a .380 ACP widely used for law enforcement?

The use of .380 ACP and smaller caliber weapons is really not acceptable for law enforcement use and most savvy agencies prohibit them. While both the .380 ACP and .38 spl can obviously be lethal; the .38 spl is more likely to incapacitate an attacker when used in a BUG role.

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