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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy 380 ammunition?

You can purchase.380 ACP ammunition via most ammo vendors. It isn't always as common as 9mm or.45 ACP, so this can somewhat limit options, although it's still widely available. Buying online is by far the best method for guaranteeing successful purchases and to avoid running into limitations on options.

Does Walmart still sell ammunition?

Walmart continues to stock and sell ammo in its stores, he confirmed. And in areas of the country where Wal-Mart sells ammunition and firearms, “We’re committed to do so responsibly and safely,” Lundberg said.

What does 380 ACP ammo mean?

The 380 ACP is a marginal caliber for self-defense. Bullets shot from mouseguns with 2.8” barrel lengths usually either expand well and don’t penetrate to the 12.0” preferred depth or don’t expand at all and penetrate far beyond the 12.0” preferred depth, wasting wounding potential.

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