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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of Cam do I need for a 3800 Series II?

These are the cams for those of you planning to run turbo setups on your 3800 Series II/III engines. The Stage 1X Turbocharged Cam is ideal for use with stock cylinder heads, however stronger springs are recommended for reliability. The powerband is strongest from 2,500 to 6,500 RPM.

Does this cam set the P0300 code on a 3800?

This cam does not set the P0300 code and can be installed on a stock 3800 all the way to radical. It was designed for the NA L36 but will also work well with nitrous or intercooled boost. It is the only major L36 grind on the market that does not need a converter or gear changes to see gains.

Can the stage 3 turbocharged cam be used with stock cylinder heads?

The Stage 3 Turbocharged Cam should NOT not be used with stock cylinder heads and/or stock valvesprings. It is engineered for use with highly modified cylinder heads and oversized valves, and is a perfect match to the INTENSE™ Stage 3 CNC L67 Cylinder Heads. The powerband is strong from 3,000 to 7,000 RPM.

Why does the 3800 have a higher RPMs than the M90?

Normally larger cams keep making more power at higher and higher rpms, the 3800 with an M90 isn't like that. The M90 is a positive displacement blower and puts out a fixed amount of air. It takes engineering to design a cam that can make the most of that air.

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