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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of engine does a GM 3800 Series II have?

The GM 3800 Series II engine, introduced in 1995, is quite a different engine from its predecessor, the Series I engine. While the stroke for the 3.8L engine remained at 3.4” (86 mm), and the bore remained at 3.8” (97 mm), the engine architecture changed dramatically.

What are the bolts on a 3800 II?

21.69 3800 II - Balance Shaft Gear Bolt - 2 Steps: 16FtLbs; +70deg Type: Bolt 5 60 6.78 3800 II - Torque Converter Cover Bolts Type: Bolt 74 888 100.33 3800 II - A/C Compressor Mounting Bolts - FRONT NUTS Type: 59 708 79.99 3800 II - A/C Compressor Mounting Bolts - LOWER BOLT Type: Bolt 23 276 31.18

When did the Ford 3800 get a new motor?

The 3800 was completely updated in ’95 when it became the Series II motor that was lower, lighter, smoother and more powerful than any of its earlier variations. Amazingly, it’s been installed in more than 6 million vehicles since 1995.

Why did GM put an EGR tube in a 3800 engine?

To meet emissions standards of the ’90s, an EGR tube was placed in the intake manifold to reduce combustion temperatures. This increased fuel mileage by a substantial margin and provided GM some engineering success. In fact, the 3800 Series II was on the Ward’s 10 Best Engines list 1995 through ’97.

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