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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the penalties for withdrawing from a 401k?

Penalties for Withdrawing From 401k. The government considers a 401k strictly for retirement funding. Therefore, they charge heavily for early withdrawal to discourage people from taking their money before the age of 59 ½. The government charges a 10% penalty on any money taken from the 401k early.

What are the taxation rules for a 401k withdrawal?

Key Takeaways The tax treatment of 401 (k) distributions depends on the type of plan: traditional or Roth. Traditional 401 (k) withdrawals are taxed at an individual's current income tax rate. In general, Roth 401 (k) withdrawals are not taxable provided the account was opened at least five years ago and the account owner is age 59½ or older. More items...

What is the earliest you can withdraw from your 401k?

If you have rolled your 401(k) funds to an IRA, the rules are the same: age 59½ is the earliest you can withdraw funds from an IRA account and pay no early withdrawal penalty tax.

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