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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Error 404 on a webpage?

The 404 error indicates that the server where the page should reside has been contacted but that the page is does not exist at that address, at that time. 404 errors can result when sites cease to exist, when pages or files are moved or deleted or when URLS are mistyped.

What does "404 page" error mean in site audit?

Once you've run a crawl of your site in Site Audit, you might see a '404 page' error in the report under the Internal pages menu: This refers to pages on your website that are returning a 404 - Not Found HTTP status code, aka a "dead page". The "404 - Not Found" is one of the most common 4XX errors and indicates that the page does not exist.

What causes 404 error?

The most common cause of 404 errors is a change to your website’s permalink structure. When you change your permalink structures, you essentially move all of your internal pages to new URLs.

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