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Frequently Asked Questions

How to fix 4K video downloader can't parse url error?

1. Uninstall 4K Video Downloader & reinstall it. Or unload the latest version & instal older version. 2. Check your firewall and antivirus settings, which, to some extent, might relate to the error: can't parse video URL. 3. Reboot your computer and start again. Remember run as administrator.

What is 4K video downloader and how to use it?

4k Video Downloader is a popular download tool used by millions of users. If you suddenly got an error while, for example, downloading a video from YouTube, it is either YouTube is down (most unlikely) or something related to the 4k Video Downloader version you have running on your device (most likely).

What are the most common 4K video downloader errors?

Users of the 4k Video Downloader have reported various kinds of errors. The most common of these errors are: This error is usually indicated by "Error: Can't download" on the app. Of the major errors generated by 4k Video Downloader, this is the most common. This usually occurs when 4k Video Downloader crashes.

Why can't I parse a video link?

This error can be indicated by "Can't parse this link…", "Error. Unknown site…", "This site is unsupported," "Can't parse any video link…:" Etc… As this error is usually a result of the 4k downloader not being able to parse the link provided, you should check the link to confirm it's accessible.

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