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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the original 4Kids TV channel?

They also ran two program blocks: Toonzai (originally The CW4Kids) on The CW, and 4Kids TV (originally FoxBox) on Fox, both aimed at children.

What happened to 4Kids TV on Fox?

On November 10, 2008, 4Kids Entertainment announced that it would exit its contract with Fox and terminate its Fox programming block by the end of 2008. The final broadcast of 4Kids TV on Fox was on December 27, 2008.

What did 4Kids Entertainment do?

4Kids Entertainment licensed a wide variety of media products, ranging from video games and television programs to toy lines featuring the Royal Air Force. 4Kids focused on licensing content for the children's market. including content for both boys and girls.

Who is the CEO of 4Kids Entertainment?

^ "Al Kahn, Chairman and CEO of 4Kids Entertainment -- Fortune Magazine's No. 1 Fastest-Growing Company in America -- Featured Tonight on CNBC's 'Business Center ' ". Business Wire. Berkshire Hathaway. August 17, 2000. Archived from the original on February 14, 2018. Retrieved August 8, 2016 – via

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