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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Yugo K98 a Mauser?

The Yugo rifles have a slightly shorter, intermediate-length receiver, and uses a bent bolt handle similar to the German Mauser rifles unlike earlier Yugo models like the M24/47. Chambered for 8mm Mauser, these rifles are a fantastic option to add a Mauser rifle for a much lower price than a K98.

What kind of ammo does a Mauser Yugo use?

8mm Mauser Yugo 198gr FMJ M75 Sniper Ammo, 15rd Box. Yugoslavian 8mm (7.92x57) ammo, the M75 Sniper grade designation, with the FMJ 198 grain bullet. 1980's and 90's production, with clean brass and berdan primer.

What kind of rifle is the Yugo M48?

Yugo ( Serbian ) M48 or M48A, 8MM Mauser Rifle, Bent Bolt With Yugo Receiver Crest.5 Round, Bolt Action - Highly Collectible and should make great shooters. Original Turn In Condition Averaging the high end of Fair to NRA Surplus Good cosmetically. All are in Good functional condition. C & R Eligible .... Hand Select Available for Best Of 10.

Are Yugo Mauser rifles in demand?

The demand of new YUGO MAUSER rifle's has fallen 1 units over the past 12 months. The demand of used YUGO MAUSER rifle's has fallen 9 units over the past 12 months.

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