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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an 8×22mm Nambu?

The 8×22mm Nambu is a rimless , bottleneck handgun cartridge introduced in Japan in 1904. It was used in the Type A and B Nambus, Type 14 Nambu and Type 94 pistols, Tokyo Arsenal Model 1927, Type II machine pistol, Hino Komuro M1908 Pistol and the Type 100 submachine gun. It uses 8.2 mm (.320") bullets.

How was 8mm Nambu ammo made?

The process George used to make 8mm Nambu ammunition was very interesting! He started with fi red 38 Special M41 military cases and used a hand-operated copper tubing cutter, with a stop added, to shorten them to Nambu length -- while he watched television at night; pretty clever.

When was my Nambu Type 14 8mm semi auto made?

Nambu Type 14 Pistol, 8mm Nambu with holster, 4 3/4" barrel, one mag. Made in January of '29, Tokyo Koishikawa factory. mag number does not match. Nice classic WW2 History! Email me if you would ...Click for more info Got a Nambu T-14 8mm Semi-Auto Pistol With Holster and tools.

What kind of gun is the Nagoya Arsenal Type 94 8mm Nambu?

"Nagoya Arsenal Type 94 8mm Nambu caliber pistol. Made in Nambu Rifle Manufacturing Company. Dated 1/44. 90% of the blue remains. Gun is non-matching. Bore is excellent. The type 94 was made for ...Click for more info This is a Nambu Type-14 pistol in 98% condition.

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