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Frequently Asked Questions

Which camcorders play hi8/8mm tapes?

These European models end with an “E”, the list below are backwards compatible and can still play back Video8 and Hi8 PAL tapes originally recorded at 24 frames per second. Again if you are outside the US these are the camcorders for you: There are 10 models of Sony Digital8 PAL Camcorders, some are capable of Hi8/8mm playback, some are not.

What is a Video8 camera?

Vastly easier to use than 8 mm film cameras, the video camera, or camcorder, rapidly became a household name. What Does Video8 Mean? This was the first in a series of Handycam videotape formats from Sony.

What size pipe reducer do I need for a TRV?

The only prpblem is that the pipework is 8mm microbore. I have bought a single piece 15mm to 8mm reducer which fits inside the 15mm compression fitting on the TRV nicely and forms a flush fitting where the pipe would enter.

Where can I buy a 8mm radiator valve?

8mm When you need a new radiator valve in a hurry, Trade Radiators can help. We have valves and 8mm reducers available for any style of radiator, no matter what the setup is.

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