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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Academy of Music located in Philadelphia?

The Academy of Music, also known as American Academy of Music, is a concert hall and opera house located at 240 S. Broad Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Its location is between Locust and Manning Streets in the Avenue of the Arts area of Center City .

What is the Academy of music?

The Academy of Music is Philadelphia’s cornerstone of the arts. As the oldest opera house in the United States still hosting performances, the Academy of Music stands as a testament to the city’s vibrant arts community.

What is the acoustics like at the Philadelphia Academy of music?

"The Academy of Music in Philadelphia is a beautiful, historic, charming building with wholly unsuitable acoustics for orchestra...The dry, unreverberant acoustics results from the roughly 2,900 audience members, who completely surround the volume of the auditorium, soaking up sound as they sit."

What is the Academy of music restoration fund?

The Academy of Music Restoration Fund carries the sole responsibility of the ongoing preservation work that keeps the “Grand Old Lady of Locust Street” looking her best. Funding for this work relies exclusively on donations and attendance at the Anniversary Concert and Ball.

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