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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ace-1(s) Survey?

The ACE-1 (S), ACE- 1 (M), and ACE-1 (L) survey forms were mailed to the sample of companies with employees. Recipients of these survey forms were requested to provide capital expenditures data for each industry in which they had activity and to classify these expenditures as new and used structures and equipment.

What does Aces stand for?

The U.S. Census Bureau today released a summary brief for the 2019 Annual Capital Expenditures Survey (ACES). U.S. Census Bureau Releases Annual Capital Spending Report Data in this report are from the Census Bureau's 2010 to 2019 ACES, which collects information on expenditures for new and used structures and equipment.

What is the American Community Survey (ACS)?

The American Community Survey is the premier source for information about America's changing population, housing and workforce.

How are the industry categories used in the Aces determined?

Beginning with the 2004 ACES, industry categories used in the survey were comprised primarily of three-digit and selected four-digit industries from the 2002 North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). Industry combinations were developed through consultation with data users.

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