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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the competitive advantages of Samsung?

Samsung has a number of significant competitive advantages: - Vertical integration: from semiconductors and LCD displays to consumer products. - A culture that embraces cultural differences and adapts approaches to local markets.

What are the Good Things of Samsung phones?

5 Reasons why people buy Samsung phones Brand conscious consumer. Today people are becoming more and more conscious about the brand they are using. ... Wider range of selection. People have plenty to select from as per their wish and need. ... Brilliant AMOLED display and big screen. ... Camera..Click..Click. ... Excellent service after sales. ...

What is the best Samsung smartphone?

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus. Best big-screen phone. Screen Size: 6.8 inches | Android Version: 9 Pie with OneUI | Processor: Snapdragon 855 (US)/Exynos 9825 (WW) | Cameras: 12 MP, 16 MP, 12MP and time-of-flight sensor (Rear); 10 MP (Front) | RAM/Storage: 12 GB/256 GB, 512 GB.

Where can I use Samsung Pay?

Samsung Pay is accepted at more places than any other mobile payment service out there, from the grocery store, to the coffee shop, to your favorite department store . Samsung Pay simplifies your transactions and is accepted virtually anywhere you can swipe a card, as well as select mobile and Bixby merchants.

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