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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Africa World Airlines a private airline?

About Africa World Airlines. Africa World Airlines (AWA) is a private Ghanaian airline. As the largest carrier operating in Ghana, the airline provides both domestic and international flights. The airline was incorporated as a joint venture in 2010 between Hainan Airlines and other Chinese and Ghanaian shareholders.

What are the top sectors of Africa World Airlines?

Africa World Airlines top sectors. Top international sectors of Africa World include Accra to Lagos , Lagos to Accra , Kumasi to Accra , Accra to Kumasi They also have occasional flights from Accra to Abuja, Abuja to Accra, Takoradi to Accra, and Accra to Takoradi flights.

Where is Africa World Airlines'hub located?

Africa World Airlines' hub is located at Kotoka International Airport in Accra. Africa World Airlines is incorporated in 2010 between Hainan Airlines, China-Africa Development Fund, SSNIT and SAS Finance Group.

Which airlines are operating in West Africa?

As well as Africa World Airlines, other airlines operating to/within West Africa include: Kenya Airways, Fly Mid Africa Airline, Asky Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines and Air Côte d”Ivoire. When the Coronavirus pandemic but a stop to travel around the world, like many other airlines, AWA had to temporarily reduce its operations.

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