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Frequently Asked Questions

What movies were filmed in Africa?

The part of the movie where Malcolm X embarks on a pilgrimage to Mecca was filmed at the Mohammed Ali Mosque (known as the Alabaster Mosque) in Egypt’s capital, Cairo, and the final scenes where South Africa’s former president and anti-apartheid activist Nelson Mandela quotes one of Malcolm X’s speeches, was filmed in Johannesburg, South Africa.

What was the first African American movie?

Founded in Omaha, Nebraska, the Johnson Brothers made Lincoln Motion Picture Company the first African-American film production company. The company's debut film was entitled "The Realization of the Negro's Ambition.". By 1917, Lincoln Motion Picture Company had offices in California.

What genre is African American cinema?

AFRICAN-AMERICAN CINEMA. The history of the African-American Cinema is a harsh timeline of racism, repression and struggle contrasted with film scenes of boundless joy, hope and artistic spirit.

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