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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top universities in Africa?

Top universities in Africa. Egypt’s highest entry is the American University in Cairo, in joint 420 th place. Other internationally ranked universities in Egypt include Cairo University , Ain Shams University, Al Azhar University , and Alexandria University. Apart from South Africa and Egypt, other African countries which feature in...

What is the oldest university in Africa?

Fourah Bay College. Founded on 18 February 1827, it is the oldest university in West Africa and the first western -style university built in West Africa. It is a constituent college of the University of Sierra Leone (USL) and was formerly affiliated with Durham University (1876–1967).

What are the best universities in South Africa?

Grootfontein Agricultural Development Institute is considered to the best universities in South Africa. The age of the school of Agriculture and Forestry & Fishery is about 100 years. The research of the University is of very high quality.

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