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Frequently Asked Questions

How much damage does aftershock 4 actually do?

Lets just go only single target. Aftershock 4 hits an average of 127.2% of ability damage, every 50,000 damage (however there is a delay when it goes off and starts counting up again, so lets say every 60k damage you get a proc0

What does aftershock do in Wow?

Aftershock is an Invention perk that deals additional AoE damage for every 50,000 damage the player deals. It can be created in weapon gizmos. Unequipping the perked weapon or switching to a different weapon without the perk resets the stored damage to 0.

How does the aftershock Perk work in Warzone?

As Aftershock stays as long as weapons with the said perk are equipped, players can tag monsters to start the charging process. A player can deal 40,000 "PvM" damage and 5,000 "PvP" damage to trigger Aftershock or vice versa.

Is there an alternative combination for Aftershock 4?

An alternative combination involving Equilibrium 1 using failed Aftershock 4, Equilibrium 2 rolls: If electing to use a melee 2h weapon as a mobile switch (to negate the need for a barge switch), an alternative combination would be: These combinations with Caroming assume the player has unlocked the Greater Ricochet ability.

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