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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact other allied national departments?

To contact other Allied National departments visit Contact Us. Freedom Plan members have the support of Allied’s Elite Experience Team to help them navigate their Reference Based Pricing health plan – an exciting new concept in group health benefits that eliminates the need for a PPO.

Why choose allied National?

Allied National works with well-respected insurance carriers to provide innovative, customized benefit plans for employers and individuals who need group medical and ancillary benefits or individual short-term medical plans.

What is allied premium only plan (pop)?

It is administered by Allied National and underwritten by the Standard Life and Accident Insurance Company. Allied Premium Only Plan (POP) allows your group to offer a tax-favored option to their employees – at the same time lowering the group's payroll taxes.

Why choose allied's dental design?

Designed for groups of 2-99, Allied's Dental Design offers affordable dental insurance benefits and many plan options that allow groups to choose the type of coverage that best fits their needs. Dental Design also offers a vision plan option for plan participants and their dependents.

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