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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the moral plausibility of agent-centered theories?

At the heart of agent-centered theories (with their agent-relative reasons) is the idea of agency. The moral plausibility of agent-centered theories is rooted here. The idea is that morality is intensely personal, in the sense that we are each enjoined to keep our own moral house in order.

Is agentagent-centered morality a mature book?

Agent-centered Morality is, I believe, a mature book, but it does not represent the end of the process or a final coherence. Under Berlin's influence, I have come to doubt that there is such a thing. One of the special difficulties involved in writing a book is the task of defining its parameters.

Can agent-centered prerogative provide utilitarianism with a way to value autonomy?

I contend that Samuel Scheffler’s agent-centered prerogative is able to provide utilitarianism with a way to value autonomy such that the conflict between the well-being of an agent and the agent’s autonomy would be rendered impossible. Many philosophers have written on utilitarianism, directly or indirectly addressing this issue.

Is utilitarianism an attack on the agent's integrity?

This requirement, Williams continues, is an attack on the agent’s integrity. Williams makes this claim, reasoning that by following utilitarian guidelines of action, the agent actually gives up his or her sense of agency, forcing him or her to be “a channel between the input of everyone’s projects, including his [or her] own” (116).

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