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Is there an agent-centered theory of morality?

I believe that there is. If I am right about this, then all morality must be agent-centered in one very important sense: There can be no acceptable theory of moral obligation that is entirely agent-neutral. Moral obligation cannot be entirely independent of what is good for the agent who has the obligations of morality.

What is agent-centered theory of agency?

Agent-centered theories famously divide between those that emphasize the role of intention or other mental states in constituting the morally important kind of agency, and those that emphasize the actions of agents as playing such a role.

What is the place of morality in the life of an agent?

Understanding the place of morality within the life of a human agent requires an integrity-sensitive conception of both human agency and morality. This, in turn, requires an understanding of how, as an agent, one's reasons for action emerge from the meaning of one's life from one's own point of view.

What are agent-centered reasons for action?

Agent-centered reasons for action are dispositionally sensitive to beliefs about the identity of the agent of the action. This feature of agent-centered reasons serves to distinguish the third kind of respect for others from the first and second. The third kind of respect is that due to a person regarding the person's special role or circumstance.

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