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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the agent-centered approach to ethics?

Agent Centered  Virtue Theory / Aristotle Virtue theory is the dominant ethical theory in the Agent-Centered approach to ethics. Aristotle, a student of Plato’s, and one of the founding fathers of Western philosophy defends an account of virtues in relation to two questions.

What is the moral plausibility of agent-centered theories?

At the heart of agent-centered theories (with their agent-relative reasons) is the idea of agency. The moral plausibility of agent-centered theories is rooted here. The idea is that morality is intensely personal, in the sense that we are each enjoined to keep our own moral house in order.

Is agentagent-centered morality a mature book?

Agent-centered Morality is, I believe, a mature book, but it does not represent the end of the process or a final coherence. Under Berlin's influence, I have come to doubt that there is such a thing. One of the special difficulties involved in writing a book is the task of defining its parameters.

Do we have agent-centred options to act suboptimally?

Many of us think we have agent-centred options to act suboptimally. Some of these involve favouring our own interests. Others involve sacrificing them. In this paper, I explore three different ways to accommodate agent-centred options in a criterion of objective permissibility.

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