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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get CPR certified?

Use the American Red Cross chapter, location and date where you completed the CPR Certification course. Note the instructor's name if possible. Contact the chapter where the CPR training was completed. Find the chapter's contact information at (see Resources) using the zip code.

What are the steps in CPR training?

CPR Steps For Younger Children and Infants. Tilt the head back a bit and lift chin to open the airway and check for breathing. If there’s no breathing, give either of these two rescue breaths: Child: Pinch the nose shut and make a complete seal over their mouth. Infant: Make a complete seal over their mouth and nose.

How many hours is CPR training?

Basic CPR / AED training classes run about 2.5 hours while the First Aid / CPR / AED training class usually. takes around 5 hours to complete depending on the number of attendees. We are very flexible to meet your. schedule.

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