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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the ACLS pre-test free?

2020 ACLS Pre-Test & Pre-Course Work New with 2020 Guidelines, the AHA has made the pretest free and available to everyone. Click Here for Steps on how to Complete both ACLS Precourse Self-Assessment and ACLS Precourse Work.. You will be required to make an account with the AHA.

What is the ACLS instructor essentials online course?

The ACLS Instructor Essentials Online is the self-directed, online portion of the ACLS Instructor Essentials Blended Learning Course. The ACLS Instructor Essentials Course is designed to prepare instructor candidates to teach AHA Instructor-led and blended learning courses.

Why do I need to complete the ACLS precourse self-assessment?

Students complete the assessment before the course to help evaluate their proficiency and determine the need for additional review and practice before the course. All students must complete the Precourse Self-Assessment and achieve a score of at least 70% before taking the ACLS Course.

What is the AHA instructor certification course?

The course educates instructor candidates on how to adequately use AHA Instructor teaching materials, ensure that students meet learning objectives, offer student coaching skills, provide an objective skills performance evaluation, and follow AHA Instructor and course policies.

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