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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I search for an eCard in the AHA network?

Log into the AHA Instructor Network On your dashboard, click the eCards link. Use Manage eCards menu at the top of the page and select Search eCards. ** The eCard inventory is suppposed to be empty, use the Manage eCards menu and select Search eCards.

What do I do if I Lost my AHA course completion card?

If you lost your AHA Course Completion Card for CPR courses or need a replacement card. Learn more about lost cards. For details about your scheduled classroom course or hands-on skills session. If you have not received your course completion card within 20 business days of completing your course. For issues regarding instructors.

How do I contact a training center instructor?

For issues regarding instructors. To find contact information for a Training Center, please enter one of the following: Training Center ID, Training Center Name, Instructor ID or Instructor Name. If searching by Instructor Name, you must also include the City and State.

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