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Frequently Asked Questions

What does night cream do?

Nerium Night Cream is a product that is used to help you realize a soft and youthful skin. It is meant to help in addressing the root causes of aging signs so that you achieve a better-looking skin. It helps in reducing* the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on your skin for a young looking skin.

What is night cream?

Night creams work when you sleep and over time, they nourish, replenish and clarifies your skin. Actually, the skin’s power of absorption increases at night when one sleeps. Therefore, a night cream should be a part of every woman’s routine in order to smoothen out wrinkles and make skin look healthy.

What is night face cream?

Night creams. Night creams contain hydrating ingredients that soak into the skin as you sleep. Unlike day creams, night creams are not meant to be used as a base for makeup. In fact, night creams should only be worn at night due to the photosensitive ingredients they may contain.

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