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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Ahava salon and spa?

“I always enjoy my appointments at Ahava Salon and Spa! The services provided are always top shelf, and everyone is so friendly and cheerful!” I have loved doing hair since I was little and have always enjoyed the business side of it. After 15 years in the industry I decided to follow my dreams and open Ahava Salon and Spa.

How much does Ahava Skin care cost?

Ahava's best-selling skin and body care. Extreme Night Treatment AHAVA. $80.00 Dead Sea Crystal Osmoter X6 Facial Serum AHAVA. $75.00 Mineral Body Lotion AHAVA. $29.00

What do you love most about Ahava?

"Love most products from Ahava, especially the face masks and serums." "Ahava is changing perceptions and complexions with its clean-beauty concept." Over three decades of scientific research transforming Dead Sea wonders into skincare.

What happened to Ahava's store?

Ahava's store in a fashionable street of London's West End closed in September 2011 after constant protests by anti-Israeli activists. Owners of the surrounding stores complained to the landlord Shaftesbury plc that the repeated protests were affecting their business.

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