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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word Ahavah mean?

This month’s teaching study is on the word "Ahavah" "Love." Our hope is that you will enjoy reading it and be blessed with the perfect love of our loving and merciful God! English word "Love" is in Hebrew; "Ahavah" pronounced as: Ah-hah-vah.

Is Ahava just a feeling?

Ahava is not just a feeling. To get a clear understanding of ahava, let's examine the Hebrew word itself and learn how to love Hebraically. First, most Hebrew words can be broken down to a three-consonant root word that contains the essence of the word's meaning.

What is ahahavah (love)?

Ahavah (Love) also gives "chai" (the word ‘Life’ in Hebrew and pronounced as ‘gh-ai-ee’). The literal meaning for "Life" ("chai") in Hebrew, and in Scripture, means; "to cause to be; to be living; to be alive; to be full and complete of and in existence in every element of being.

What makes Ahava products so special?

Embracing the trend toward more natural ingredients in cosmetics, Ahava purifies its own water and, according to the company, employs minimally invasive techniques to harvest mud and minerals. Ingredients are not tested on animals and Ahava products are packaged in recyclable containers.

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