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Frequently Asked Questions

What does alert and oriented times four mean?

Alert and Oriented Times Four. The goal is simple: Pull the person from the water before they die-and then return safely. The first thing done when a person is pulled from the sea is to evaluate their degree of consciousness. The highest level is known as alert and oriented times four. It describes most people in normal everyday life.

What is the abbreviation for alert and oriented?

Alert and oriented x 4 used in medical notes, often abbreviated as A&Ox4, refers to the cognitive status of the patient.

What is alert and oriented times 3?

Alert and oriented X 3 is a common notation. It means oriented to person, place and time.

What is a & OX4?

"OX4" is a postcode in the city of Oxford, UK which includes the villages East Oxford, Cowley, Blackbird Leys, Littlemore Sandford-on-Thames, Iffley, and Rose Hill.

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