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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of alert DND 5e?

Alert DnD 5E Feat 1 You can not be surprised during you are conscious. 2 You do gain the +5 bonus to initiative. 3 The other creatures do not gain the benefit on the attack rolls which are against you like a result of being hidden from... More ...

What is the alert feat in 5e?

The Alert feat is a powerful feat in 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons and one that at least one player in every party should take at some point. Particularly any player who is going to serve as a scout or lookout on a consistent basis.

Where can I find the alert feat in the game?

The Alert feat is one of the first feats introduced to the game. It’s found on pg. 165 of the Player’s Handbook, in the Customization Options chapter.

Why should you play dundungeons&Dragons with alert?

Dungeons & Dragons is the most iconic TTRPG, and it’s chock-full of monsters and creatures who think you’d make a pretty tasty dinner. Here’s why you want this feat. Think of Alert as your caffeinated choice of homebrew drink, combined with a pumped up and [mostly] healthy paranoia that’s actually useful.

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