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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Kareem?

The word “kareem” means, according to Lisan al-Arab, means: When it is applied to people, it is a comprehensive noun encompassing all that deserves praise. It encompasses all types of goodness, honourableness, and virtuous qualities. When it applies to Allah (swt), it means plentiful of goodness, generosity in giving gifts which never end.

What is the meaning of Al-Kareem?

Al-Kareem is the One Who covers people’s sins and hide their flaws, and this is a Divine Attribute of Allah (Glorified and Sublime be He). When you say Al-Kareem, this means that when Allah’s worshipping servants shows little submissiveness towards Him, Allah will reward them abundantly.

Does Allah call himself Al-Kareem?

And the Answer is . . . Al-Kareem! Allah calls Himself Al-Kareem— The Generous, The Honourable, The Beneficent— on two occasions in the Quran. He is Al-Kareem in both His essence, being the source of all virtue, good and honor.

What does it mean that Allah is Al-Kareem (most generous)?

When we say Allah is Al-Kareem (Most Generous), this means that He makes man, who is wretched poor and needy, a well-known man. Furthermore, Allah will raise high his servant’s fame and rank and will cast love for him in the hearts of His creations.

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