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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Allah al-Karim?

The Generous One, The Gracious, The One who is attributed with greatness of Power and Glory of status. Allah is Al-Karim who is the most generous, bountiful and esteemed. He is The One whose kindness knows no bound and is continually giving precious gifts to whoever he wills. He is gracious in giving rewards in multiple even for the smallest acts.

What does al-Kareem mean in Islam?

Al-Kareem! Allah calls Himself Al-Kareem— The Generous, The Honourable, The Beneficent— on two occasions in the Quran. He is Al-Kareem in both His essence, being the source of all virtue, good and honor.

Is Allah Kareem or Kareem?

Also, Allah is Kareem in the sense that He overlooks the sins of His servants, unlike the mean person who looks for the trivial violations of other people. This Divine overlooking is different from being unaware, and though Allah overlooks, everything with Him is in (due) proportion.

What is the meaning of ‘Kareem’?

In the Arabic language ‘kareem’ does not just mean generous but the term embraces many meanings. ‘Kareem’ includes being forbearing, kind, gentle, patient, noble, pure and beneficial. In other words each and every laudable thing is being described as ‘kareem’.

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