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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any major cargo alliances in the world?

There have only been two alliances of significance. The WOW alliance was formed in 2000 between SAS Cargo Group, Lufthansa Cargo, and Singapore Airlines Cargo. And SkyTeam Cargo was formed in the same year, just two months after the formation of the SkyTeam alliance.

Why choose Alliance Air Freight?

Alliance Air Freight is a full service freight company offering LTL truck, Full Truckload, Rail, domestic & international air freight and ocean freight services. Alliance Air Freight specializes in heavyweight shipping for commercial, manufacturing, industrial and eBay customers.

How do airline cargo alliances work?

These alliances cover cooperation and closer ticketing between airlines (although airlines also enter into separate joint ventures or codeshares). They also offer passengers greater and simpler connectivity and shared frequent flier benefits across alliance members. But what about airline cargo operations?

What is the Lufthansa Cargo Alliance?

Lufthansa Cargo was one of three founding members of the WOW cargo alliance. Photo: Lufthansa The three main passenger alliances – Star Alliance, one world, and SkyTeam, come up all the time in our reporting. These bring together many of the world’s major airlines and offer operational benefits for both airlines and passengers.

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