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Frequently Asked Questions

How many Embraer E190s does Alliance airlines have?

Alliance Airlines continues to punch above its weight with the addition of 14 Embraer E190 jets to the fleet. Alliance Airlines will take delivery of the first of 14 Embraer E190 jets next month, and is considering an all-business class version alongside dual-cabin and all-economy layouts.

When will Allianz fly the E190?

Alliance will likely fly the E190 in a number of configurations. All 14 E190s are due in the hangars by mid-2021, and will be the largest local footprint for the compact twin-engine jet since Virgin Australia pensioned off its E190s across 2016-2018.

How much is Alliance airline's E190 deal with Copa worth?

According to The Australian, Alliance Airline deal is worth AUS$111 million (US$78.9 million). The Brisbane-based carrier will take delivery of the 14 E190 jets from September. Meanwhile, according to CH-Aviation, the agreement was made with Azorra Aviation, not directly with Copa Airlines.

When will QantasLink’s Embraer E190s start flying?

Alliance Airlines E190s will start flying for QantasLink on May 25. Photo: Alliance Airlines Alliance Airlines is best known for being one of the world’s biggest operators of Fokker aircraft. But in August 2020, the Brisbane-based airline scooped up 14 Embraer E190s from Copa Airlines in a US$78.9 million (AU$111 million) deal.

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