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Frequently Asked Questions

What airports does Allegiant serve?

Allegiant Air operates flights from 11 hubs, including its main hub at Las Vegas McCarren International Airport, and hubs in Orlando, St. Petersburg-Clearwater, Phoenix, Fort-Lauderdale and Bellingham, WA. Click to see full answer. Also asked, where does Allegiant fly from Orlando?

How can I check in and get my boarding pass?

To check-in online and print a boarding pass, passengers must sign in to the airline's website using the record locator number, or confirmation number, and passenger's last name. If online check-in is available, customers can begin utilizing the function 24 hours prior to departure.

Where can I check the status of my Flight?

To check your flight status, visit your airline's website, click Flight Status, sometimes located under Flight or Travel Information on the home page, and enter your flight number or departure and arrival cities and departure date. Alternatively, enter your flight information on a flight-tracking site such as or

How do you check the status of an airline flight?

To check the status of an American Airlines flight on, enter flight information in the search box on the home page and navigate to a page showing the flight's current status and a map displaying the plane's real-time geographical location.

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