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Frequently Asked Questions

Why bank with Alliance?

Why Bank with Alliance? Our mission is to be the preferred community bank provider of financial services in the markets we serve. Get quick access and simple responses to our most frequently received questions. Life is hectic. We understand. Alliance Bank has made banking convenient for our customers, with our digital banking solutions.

Is there a fee for using Alliance Association bank credit card?

A fee will be charged for each assessment payment made using this credit card payment system. Please contact Alliance Association Bank with any questions or issues with use of the following site.

Why choose greater alliance credit union?

My wife belongs to the Greater Alliance Credit Union so we decided to give it a try and applied for a " Home Equity Line". Right from the start, we were talking to Mr. Andre Porter... This bank has great service. Their staff is friendly and helpful. The wait time is never too long. They offer great savings programs. Overall, this bank is great!

What can I do with my greater alliance debit card?

Use your smartphone, or smartwatch to make purchases simply and securely by pairing your Greater Alliance debit card with your device’s wallet. Now you can shop more easily and securely! Greater Alliance is a proud participant in Love My Credit Union, a discount program that brings valuable savings on the things that you use the most.

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