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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Alliance Bank of Arizona personal online banking?

Alliance Bank of Arizona Personal Online Banking* makes it easy and convenient for you to manage your Alliance Bank of Arizona accounts, use online bill pay, transfer funds and more. * Fees may be imposed for additional services related to online banking.

Will Western Alliance Bank contact me about my online banking credentials?

Western Alliance Bank will never initiate contact with you to ask for your online banking credentials or ask you to log into your account so we can help you resolve a problem. Any communication we have with you will be in response to a communication initiated by you. For more information, download our cyber security best practices guide.

Where does Alliance Bank of Arizona rank in Ranking Arizona 2018?

Alliance Bank of Arizona is listed at #2 in the top 10 banks in Arizona with $850 million or more in market deposits, based on public voting for the 2018 edition of Ranking Arizona. Download the Regional Intelligence Report for insights into Arizona's latest economic trends.

What can I do with my online banking service agreement?

Refer to Personal Online Banking Service Agreement for more information. View activity, balances and history. Initiate online bill pay. View loan balances. Transfer funds between your accounts.

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