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Frequently Asked Questions

What can Alliance Cancer Care do for You?

Our board-certified specialists, physicists, dosimetrists, therapists, navigators, nursing staff and counselors are here to provide a custom treatment plan and resources that address your unique needs. When faced with cancer, you want the best treatment options. Alliance Cancer Care's advanced approach ensures that’s exactly what you get.

Where is the Singing River Cancer Center located?

Singing River Cancer Center is located at 180 Cox Creek Parkway South, Florence, Alabama 35630, and opens this month. For more information, please visit Alliance HealthCare Services is a leading national provider of outsourced healthcare solutions, with expertise in radiology, oncology, and interventional services.

How many radiology centers does allalliance have?

Alliance operates more than 600 diagnostic radiology, radiation therapy, and interventional systems, including more than 70 fixed-site radiology locations, more than 40 cancer care centers, and more than 20 pain management/interventional procedures clinics.

How many hospitals are partners with Alliance health care services?

Alliance provides quality clinical services for over 1,100 hospitals and other healthcare partners in 47 states, where approximately 2,750 Alliance Team Members are committed to providing exceptional patient care and exceeding customer expectations. For more information, visit

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