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Frequently Asked Questions

What is all Alliance Communications?

Alliance Communications is a customer-owned communications cooperative that provides Internet, cable TV and telephone services to portions of South Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa. All Alliance customers have access to a 100% fiber-optic network.

Where is Alliance communications satellite office located?

Brandon Satellite Office Located in the Lewis/Sunshine Plaza on the corner of Splitrock/Holly Blvd Alliance Communications serves communities in South Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa.

Why is my Alliance Communications speed test result lower than expected?

Whether Alliance Communications is your internet provider or you use a different provider, the speed test below can show key statistics about your internet connection. If your Alliance Communications speed test result is lower than expected, try resetting your router or call Alliance Communications customer service for additional assistance.

How do I contact Alliance about my capital credits?

Alliance customers who have questions about their capital credits can send a message to [email protected] They also can leave a voice mail message for our capital credits department by calling 311 from any phone with Alliance service or (605) 594-3000 from any other phone.

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