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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Alliance Communications?

Alliance Communications is part of the global communications network and strives to provide you with the finest services available. Early telephone users in this area, however, weren't exactly impressed with the quality of service they received.

How do I login to my Alliance e-mail account?

Click on the Webmail Login tab at the top of the Alliance Web site. This link will take you to the Alliance webmail login. The best way to reduce Spam is by adding a Spam filter to your Alliance e-mail address. Spam messages are diverted to a “greymail" box so you can read them if you choose to do so.

Does Alliance Communications offer spam filtering?

Alliance Communications offers spam filtering as an add-on service to each of our customer’s email addresses. Details of this service are listed on Alliance Communications’ website. Alliance Communications will not ask you for your password in an unsolicited telephone call or email.

Why can’t I send email outside of the Alliance service area?

If you are traveling outside of the Alliance service area and find that you cannot send email, the local ISP is probably blocking outgoing email on port 25 (the standard SMTP email port). Many ISPs do this to prevent infected customer computers from sending email out from their network.

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