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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Alliance credit union?

Access your accounts without missing a beat. Maximize your savings with a great rate. Save big on your next purchase or refinance. Join the movement. The ALLIANCE Credit Union Foundation is ELEVATING West Texas.

What can you do at Alliance Bank?

We're here to help you open checking and savings accounts, apply for mortgages and home equity loans, get a new auto loan or refinance an existing one, check out business solutions, and much more. Our Main Branch & Corporate Offices will house our state-of-the-art ALLIANCE Express Terminals.

What is 24-hour self-service banking at Alliance?

This technology will allow 24-hour self-service banking and teller-assisted banking with a Live Teller during extended operating hours. If you're away from the Lubbock area, you can still access your ALLIANCE accounts and conduct regular business through Online Banking and our Mobile App.

How do I find the right usalliance account for me?

Find the right one for you. Open your MyLife Checking account online. Deposit checks remotely and do all your banking on the go with the USALLIANCE Mobile App. Visit our resource library of articles and videos that will help you achieve your financial goals.

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