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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Alliance credit union?

Access your accounts without missing a beat. Maximize your savings with a great rate. Save big on your next purchase or refinance. Join the movement. The ALLIANCE Credit Union Foundation is ELEVATING West Texas.

Where can I get free financial advice from allegiance credit union?

Speak with an Allegiance CU representative from the comfort of home - or wherever you are! Free expert financial advice is available for all Allegiance Credit Union members by calling 1-888-456-2227!

What is Alliance Catholic credit union's policy on external websites?

Alliance Catholic Credit Union is not responsible for any external Web site you navigate to and does not represent either the third party or member if a transaction is entered. Privacy and security policies may differ from those of the Credit Union.

How much APY can you Earn with Alliance credit union?

Our Best Interest Checking account allows you to earn 3.01% APY* monthly on the first $10,000 by meeting four simple… Alliance Credit Union lobbies are now open. The following guidelines are being put in place to promote the health and…

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