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Frequently Asked Questions

What are strategic alliances in business?

Strategic Alliances are agreements among firms in which each commits resources to achieve a common set of objectives. Companies may form Strategic Alliances with a wide variety of players: customers, suppliers, competitors, universities or divisions of government.

What is an alliance business?

Business alliance. A business alliance is an agreement between businesses, usually motivated by cost reduction and improved service for the customer. Alliances are often bounded by a single agreement with equitable risk and opportunity share for all parties involved and are typically managed by an integrated project team.

What is small business group Alliance?

The Alliance’s Small Business Council (SBC) is a group of small business members who act in an advisory capacity to the Portland Business Alliance’s board of directors. Exclusive to Alliance members, the SBC presents an organized voice on policy issues impacting small businesses.

What is alliance strategy?

A strategic alliance is a business arrangement in which two or more firms cooperate for their mutual benefit. Firms may combine their efforts for a variety of purposes including, but not limited to, sharing knowledge, expertise, and expenses as well as to gain entry to new markets or to gain a competitive advantage in one.

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