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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an alliance government?

Government Alliance. The Government Alliance is an exclusive membership based advisory board within IEA designed for country delegations (comprised of heads of state, government officials, ministers, ambassadors and senior staff) to benefit from IEA’s Programs and events.

What is an alliance agreement?

An alliance can be defined as an incentive based relationship contract between two parties. According to the alliance agreement, both the parties agree to work together as an integrated team, based on certain principles of trust and fairness.

What is the ACT Alliance?

ACT Alliance is a coalition of 150 churches and church-related organisations working together in over 125 countries to create positive and sustainable change in the lives of poor and marginalised people regardless of their religion, politics, gender, sexual orientation, race or nationality in keeping with the highest international codes and ...

What is Alliance meeting?

Meeting Alliance was established in January 1999 as a full-service meeting and event management company. We are experts in the logistical planning of meetings and events for corporate clients. The company was formed by three experienced meeting planning professionals in response to the need for better, more detailed, and hands-on service.

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